Effective steps to avert Internet cyber bullying

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Internet has been growing faster day by day but it is also proving to be a head ache for some due to Internet cyber bullying.

There are many cases which have proved that the internet is the main culprit for such crimes. And in such crimes children are the main victims. The bullies always aim children because they are the ones who surf a lot on the internet without any use. as rightly said, anything in excess is bad. Same is the case for internet. It has pros and cons. Bullies have included various social networking websites as their main target as people are now very active on these websites.

Some of you may not believe the fact that cyber bullying also includes the harsh and embarrassing comments that are been posted on the social networking sites. Internet cyber bullying includes the embarrassing, humiliating, threatening or other hurting comments which may affect the well being of a person. In such cases the target is the children because they are not matured enough at that time.

One of the methods to prevent cyber bulling is the home remedy which can be called as NASS. Each of the letters stands out for a tip to prevent internet bullying.

Not to give out personal information-

As the main target is the children, parents must make them understand that they must not give out any type of personal information on the internet. One must even instruct their children, not to upload any of their pictures on the social networking sites. Even if they do so, be sure about the type of photograph they post on the site.

Always stand firm-

It you are being bullied once, then in order to take revenge do not adopt the bullying way. This might create a problem for you.

Stop responding to internet bullies-

When someone sends you a threatening email or message, just do not reply to them. Ignore the mail even of you are frightened. Bullies take advantage of you in such situation. Most important is to tell your parents or loved ones about this so that appropriate action can be taken.

Save the emails and messages you think can be one of them-

If you think that you are being a target for the bullies through the emails and messages you have received from unknown address, save them as a piece of evidence. You never know you may need them in the future.

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Bullying: How do we teach our children right from wrong?

Article by Joan Marie Whelan

In the 2005 Warner Bros film, “The Ant Bully”, a young boy named Lucas learns what it was like to be on the other end of his cruel behavior when he was suddenly transformed into a bug-sized kid. Unfortunately, we cannot shrink our children to grain-sized insects to teach them a lesson in bullying, but what we can do is live by example and stay ever vigilant.

Devaluing the child When parents or other adults strike a child, the child often grows up thinking that the solution for problems is to lash out at others; especially those smaller and weaker than themselves. It is an all too common problem with children that are accustomed to corporal reactions. Rewarding children for positive behavior is the more transformative path that helps youth to understand how to act and live among others.

The same holds true for children who have become victims of bullying. If he is the constant target of a bully or group of bullies, the child learns to cower and be afraid of others. In that same token, those smaller than him may become his own target for bullying. In either case, it is a vicious cycle that teaches the child to not only become fearful of others, but to use that fear as a weapon to those weaker than him.

Role-playingOne way to teach your child the value of being a sincere, honest and brave individual is to engage her in role-playing. Since you cannot become ant size, you must compromise and set the stage for the two of you to become the victim and the aggressor (metaphorically, NOT actually). Demonstrate how it feels to be on the receiving end of bullying. Show her how sad it makes others feel, and the repercussions and effects of bullying. You can do this through puppets, dolls, toy cars, or whatever you have at your disposal. Children love to engage in playtime, and there is no better way to spark their creative minds than by employing their favorite toys or gadgets in role-play. When they see for themselves the outcome of their actions, they just might learn to be more compassionate and understanding of others.With teens, it becomes a little more challenging as they are going through a lot of different changes; physically, mentally and emotionally. One of the best ways to teach your teen how to embrace others is to teach acceptance. Just as your teenager is trying desperately to be accepted among his peers, he must understand how important it is to be accepting of others if he wants to gain that mutual respect. In this modern world, it is more critical than ever to connect with your teen as often as you can through social networks, phone texts, and one-on-one conversation. You will need to make a conscientious effort to migrate onto their playing fields to understand their issues, as well as ways to have healthier dialog with them. When you open the lines of communication, you are better equipped to deal with such problems as bullying. Most importantly, of course, is to not be a bully you. If you are teaching negative behavior, it becomes an echo chamber in the hearts and minds of your children. They will begin to practice what is dealt to them. They are, after all, a mirror reflection of who we are. Practice what you preach. Live and lead with compassion and honesty. In doing so, your child will learn the values of being a moral and upstanding citizen in even the most distressing situations. Until we speak again, I amJoan Marie – your Intuitive Specialist

Bullying: How do we teach our children right from wrong?By Joan Marie Whelan

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Teacher Specialist Advancement Programs in order to Avoid Bullying

Article by Raymond V. Henry

One generally disregarded challenge within schools at this time is intimidation. Instructor expert development will be one method to reveal teachers to ways to fight intimidation — you will discover numerous teacher professional advancement programs that will aid to be able to prevent this kind of difficulty. Studies possess revealed in which about one inside three youngsters may be the target associated with violence, which is significantly too quite a few to be satisfied concerning.

It has been said that getting cajolled builds personality, yet studies possess demonstrated the contrary is actually accurate. Instead of increasing a plumper skin, children that are bullied, in fact, are in any considerably greater danger for depressive disorders, anxiety, as well as other psychological issues compared to bullies themselves (or perhaps children that are not necessarily bullies, but don’t acquire cajolled either). There’ve even been legal guidelines passed inside various declares in order to avoid violence because of the particular growing number of intimidation situations along with the severe effects. Some youngsters have to change colleges, a few grow to be depressed, and in the most detrimental circumstances some commit suicide.

This problem will have a fairly simple solution – research display that when merely 1 bystander appears as much as the actual bully, the particular bully will virtually often quit within just a few seconds. Not merely that, however the intimidate prevents regarding excellent. It is thus vital for teachers to discover the best way to empower their particular college students to stand up regarding each additional and this really is where professional teacher development comes in. Teacher professional development will be vital in giving lecturers the actual resources they have to have to prevent bullying also to pass those tools onto their own students.

One method in which lecturers can easily support students handle intimidation would be to ask them what helps make all of them very pleased. Instilling self-confidence can easily assist someone that has been bullied, however it may also create a university student much more most likely to square upwards for their friends. Again, the most effective answer to some intimidation difficulty will be for your bystanders to be able to consider actions and face the intimidate. Whenever a group sounds its disapproval, the intimidate is a lot less likely to carry on. Productive teacher skilled development courses will cover numerous other different methods as well as resources at the same time.

Interestingly sufficient, bullying just isn’t special to be able to folks. Many additional animal teams exhibit violence, in particular other primates. However in the animal empire the bully is actually typically the leader with the load up; the particular bullies tend to be rewarded for his or her bad behavior. We’ve the likelihood because thoughtful persons to be able to realize in which bullying is not correct, also to stop that if this begins (or perhaps if at all possible prior to this starts). The teachers ought to participate in skilled teacher improvement that can give them applicable abilities to handle this particular problem inside the classroom.

In overview, intimidation is often a important issue, but the resolution begins with instructor professional advancement. Instructor professional improvement programs can provide lecturers the particular capacity to assist their students avoid it. Empowering students is really a important portion regarding the best skilled instructor improvement applications. Educating college students to square upward for their friends is actually useful in school and also in the classroom, however it can also be helpful later upon in daily life. These types of skills can easily assist college students prepare to create a distinction inside the world.

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Often Overlooked Fact: Bullies Are Sometimes Your Friends

Article by Paul Halme

Whether you want to believe it or not, bullies are generally your friends and this is knowledge that most bully prevention tips and strategies do not equip you with. While not a single one of us wants to believe that one of our closest friends could bully us, the truth of the matter is that it can happen. Bullying alone is a serious matter, but it becomes even more serious when it is one of your friends attacking you.

Have you ever been bullied by a friend? Are you currently being bullied by an individual within your close circle of friends? If so, you should ask yourself the following questions:

What are the important factors that lay the foundation for a strong, solid friendship? Most individuals will say that they need trust and respect in addition to loyalty. Do my friends meet the factors that I outlined in question 1? Based on your own answers to the first question, are your friends meeting the needs of what you need in a friendship? If your friends are not meeting your friendship standards, why are you friends with this person? Is it really worth it? Without the ability to trust your friends, there is really no friendship there. Further, if your friends can’t respect you and your wishes, then they aren’t really friends, are they? Your action now is to determine why you are friends with someone that does not meet your requirements of a strong friendship. Maybe some days your friends are nice to you, but others they are not. Do you simply hope that the bullying will stop because they are your friend and they’ll eventually turn around?

You can’t simply sit around waiting, hoping and praying that you friends will stop bullying you. You need to take matters into your own hands, take the power from your friends, and embark on another road. If your friend is your friend, there is no reason that he/she should bully you. A friendship is about trust, respect and loyalty in addition to any other factors that a particular individual may look for, but those are the three most common and most needed.

If you are an adult or an educator trying to help a child deal with their friend being a bully then you need to jot down the above-mentioned four questions and provide them to the child in need. You are more than welcome to help them answer the questions; however, you need to make certain that the child answers the questions on their own. By coming up with the answers on their own, the realization that their friend really is a bully and that the friendship isn’t really worth it will be much easier to come by than if you were to tell the child the same thing.

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Bullying and boundaries

Article by Anne Walsh

Bullying and boundaries

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

If you are the victim of bullying the chances are that you think the opening quote is harsh and unfair and not applicable to you. But I’d like you to think about it a little more…and realise how liberating it is in reality. It means that you can CHOOSE how to react to the actions of a bully. Let me give you an example from one of my clients. She came to me complaining that a colleague often sneered at her and belittled her, calling her stupid and making sarcastic remarks at her expense. This was causing her a lot of grief. So one question I asked her was did he treat everyone this way or just her? She paused and admitted that she was in a minority. She noted that there were some people in her workplace that he treated respectfully and it was nothing to do with their position. So we explored what she thought they did differently and she recognised that these people had an invisible shield around them that seemed to prevent bullies even attempting to belittle them. At this stage she was really fed up of this colleague’s behaviour, so she was willing to try anything. We devised a strategy whereby she would enlist some psychological support from her friends beforehand, then she asked to speak to the bully in private. Let’s call him John. She asked him calmly and clearly to stop making insulting and belittling remarks to her. He blustered and denied the accusation at first, using the bully staple of accusing her of having “no sense of humour”. She asked him again and eventually he apologised. She had then agreed to call a friend afterwards to debrief and exult in her newfound strength! Things were going fine but then he made a comment and she asked him again in a clear neutral way to stop saying those things to her. And that was it. He stopped completely. In fact a couple of months afterwards I asked how he was and she told me that they had actually become quite good friends. Set and guard your boundariesWhat had my client done? She had set her boundaries and stuck to them. Boundaries are what we use to tell people what we will and will not accept. We teach people how to treat us. Quite often, bullies are unaware of the devastation their comments and actions are causing and when pointed out to them in a calm, strong unemotional way can be quite apologetic for their actions. Of course you can argue that you can’t do that with your boss. But do you want to do something about it (and perhaps save many other people from misery?) or do you want to do (as I heard one man on the radio did) stay in a job where you are disrespected and bullied for 8 years? And of course (and this is where you need to be honest with yourself…) there are some people who just enjoy being victims and all the attention that they can get..Is that you? Handling the situationIf you are being bullied at work, 1. Clearly define what behaviour you want the person to stop e.g. “Please do not shout at me when asking me to do something”. If you feel that you could get too emotional, rehearse it with a friend and find a way to release the emotion. Be prepared for the person to blame you and deny the effect of the behaviour. Stay strong though! 2. If the person repeats the behaviour, ask them again to stop. Of course if you can’t do that at the time, return to the person again and ask them to stop.3. Develop allies to give you support…whether inside or outside the company. But don’t get stuck in complaining mode. Too many people spend years complaining about their situation instead of actually doing anything about it. 4. Keep a written record of all the incidents in which you are bullied. This will be vital if you ever decide to pursue the legal route. 5. Make sure your supervisor is told about the situation…in writing. 6. Work on your boundaries. Practise saying no to situations and people that don’t serve you. You could begin with low-risk situations to begin developing your boundary muscles.

Remember, the bully’s behaviour is about THEM, not you. You can find some useful resources on bullying at the following websites:http://www.abc.tcd.ie/


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